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About gPrep


What is gPrep?


gPrep is a posterized one-handed slam dunk of Minnesota Girls High School Basketball action! gPrep goes beyond the stats capturing all the hardwood memories. If you’ve got the hang time; gPrep’s got your game highlights, player profiles, team rankings, hoops headlines plus gym rat and two cents analysis from gPrep’s creator and founder himself. Love the game, but no time for math? Don’t worry. gPrep will even count the dimes denting the hardwood and spotlight the sportsmanship to follow. You won’t miss one heart pounding, pulse racing no-look pass, pride filled court swagger… or fierce game face.


gPrep inspiration

Someone once told Gary Knox "Let your craft be a reflection of yourself". Those inspiring eight words proved vital to Knox's success.   Knox took those words to heart from WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi... to KSNW- TV in Wichita, Kansas... to WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tennessee... to KARE-TV in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

what they say...

It has been said that Knox can photograph society's most handicapped, most rejected and most fragile, leaving their dignity in tact. As a photojournalist, Knox's uses his camera to stir the human conscience. Knox says he's not in the business to shoot pretty pictures. On the contrary, many of his stories have been disturbing, sometimes shocking in the interest of bringing about change. Among Knox's most celebrated work is a series and documentary entitled "The Diary", a story about Anne Frank. Knox shared community, educational, national and international awards. His work also prompted a senate resolution drafted on behalf of "The Diary".   Knox has won a National Iris Award, two  Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards as well as two National Headliner Awards.

practice, practice

Knox says ... "To get better at anything, you have to practice." Knox's high school basketball coach always preached... "practice, practice". Coach Earl Aldridge told young Knox quote"Basketball prepares you for life!" Basketball has not only prepared Knox for life, but it's shaped his career as a photojournalist. It was basketball that opened collegiate doors for Knox. Knox applied his basketball practice philosophy... to practice his photography craft... and became one of the nation's most honored photojournalists in the country.


the "no" look

Knox approaches photography like he approaches basketball. Practice. Practice. Practice. Knox learned every inch of the camera. He went "one-on-one" with his camera, manipulating the buttons, functions and features day in and day out. Everyone knows you have to have heart to be a "shooter", both on and off the court. Knox created that same oneness with the rock, when he "hosted" hardwood clinics. The "no" look principles of basketball... helped Knox develop superior storytelling skills and wizzardry with his camera.
#23, #24 Gary Knox, 1981

photography - hoop tips!

"Knowledge is power behind the lens and on the court." says Gary Knox. Learn the fundamentals (game)! Work on your weakness, left hand, right hand. Focus (pass). Keep your eye on your subject (opponent). Pan (pivot) left, pan (pivot) right. Tilt (dribble) up and (dribble) down. Steady (control) Microphone (rock)!




As the founder and creator of, I'll focus my camera on Minnesota girls high school basketball. I'll zoom-in on teamwork and sportsmanship, and edit out the "I"s. "Minnesota is a power state for the girls’ game." And at, I’ll utilize my photojournalistic talents, my love for "the game" and my keen court side eye to showcase the best in girls’ hoops.





logo image

He is a 3-time regional "Photographer Of The Year" and The "2000 National Press Photographer Association  Photographer Of The Year".  Knox won the national Emmy while at WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tennessee.  He was among the prestigious faculty for the highly touted NPPA workshop in Oklahoma City.  Knox also served as a guest faculty member at the nationally recognized journalism "think tank", the Poytner Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. As an honored speaker, he conducted seminars for the National Association of Black Journalists. Knox has toured the country to help educate his photojournalism peers.

bleacher bum

An admitted basketball junkie, Knox routinely can be found at AAU, grade, middle and high school basketball games throughout the Metro and suburbs. Just "peep" court side or check into the stands. You'll find Knox... pan handling for the next "DIME". Knox loves the game. Knox says the girls need more credit. With, Knox will give them some "dap" and then some! Policy: Fair, Accurate and Thorough











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