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Updated May 25, 2010 is an independent and unofficial website for girls high school basketball information, news,  highlights and entertainment.

gPrep is NOT affiliated with any team, school, coach or any other website or news organizations. My analysis is based on years of  basketball knowledge and is my two cents.


 I pride myself in being fair, accurate and thorough in covering girls high school basketball in Minnesota.


gPrep goes beyond the stats to bring you interesting, important and relevant stories on and off the court.


During the basketball season and off season I attend games, practices, workouts, and AAU tournaments to gain firsthand knowledge of all the top players and teams throughout Minnesota. If you know of a team or player that should be the subject of a gPrep's story or profile, drop me an email ( and most likely I will be at your next game.


gPrep focuses its energy on trying to capture basketball moments that gPrep fans have come to expect.


Your privacy will be honored on and off  the court.  gPrep will NOT share interviews or photos with any other outlet, websites and news organizations without your knowledge. Materials on are protected under copyright laws.


How gPrep’s Ranking Is Created



By Gary Knox


Basketball is oxygen. I live, breathe, and sleep basketball. was born from my hunger for the game. I’m a student of the game. I was a high school basketball player at Hyde Park Career Academy in Chicago. Basketball is a 38 year old passion.


I created gPrep’s girls high school basketball top 100 rankings after extensive research, interviews and firsthand courtside accounts. The rankings evolve… as players step up their game and the basketball season unfolds.


From time to time, I may discover a player who’s not ranked but should be… or a player who’s ranked high but plays flat. That will trigger a slide in the rankings. 


The rankings are one part of the player’s “game” profile and are not meant to limit or stunt a player’s potential.


Numbers are important in basketball. Victories and records are based on them. In any rankings, there is a top, middle, and bottom.


 During 2006-2007, Saint Paul Central’s Angel Robinson had a great year and emerged as the “Player of the Year”. But it took a full year, a post season run, and championship before her true greatness was realized.


The rankings are fluid, a work in progress, a guide, a gauge, a measuring stick. I get new player information everyday and I sometimes discover a player unknown to me. That discovery may cause the rankings to shift up, down or standstill.


The bottom line is Minnesota has a very good talent pool, full of elite basketball players. I am obligated and committed to getting it right. I have created a feedback form for basketball fans to fill out, if they feel a player is omitted or should move up or down in the ranking.


In an effort to be fair, accurate and thorough in gPrep’s rankings, I take EVERYTHING into account: player stats, player reputation, performance against other
elite players, post season play, big game action, AAU games, character, court demeanor, coaches input, players input, parents input, My Two Cents, my firsthand knowledge of the players, players conference, workouts, practice routine, height “you can’t teach height”, court toughness, basketball I-Q, teamwork, takeover ability, academics, college potential and other sports (some players run track, tennis, volleyball, etc).


I look at everything. If I trust a player’s consistent play and feel good about her game, more than likely she will make gPrep’s rankings.


Please fill out the rankings recommendation feedback form, if you would like to submit a player for consideration. I will take an objective look at all the facts.




Gary Knox




 gPrep's Top 100


Rankings Nomination Form


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