gPrep Q & A with Shakila Boler

"I love basketball. Basketball is my life.”




Gary Knox

gPrep recently caught up with Gopher Recruit  and  Bloomington Kennedy’s Superstar Shakila Boler.


gPrep:  Are you nervous about going to a Big-Ten school or do you welcome the challenge?

SB:  “I am ready. I am ready to get there. I am eager now just to see the challenge and accomplish what I need to accomplish in college and in high school. I like to try new things and accomplish things. So, I am ready for the experience.”

gPrep: How great is it to play in your own backyard, at the University of  Minnesota?

SB: “ I like it. That’s the reason I really did commit because I want to be with my family where I know they can see me.”

gPrep: You have your big verbal out of the way. What was that like when you made that important decision?

SB: “I was real happy. Everybody was smiling. The whole family even the dog was happy. It was nice.”

gPrep: As far as attracting college attention, did your AAU team, North Tartan, open the door? Or, did your high school team, Bloomington Kennedy,  pave the way for you to get to the next level?

SB: “I’ll have to say AAU. Because in AAU, there’s way more college coaches at the games. I mean high school basketball is fun and all. But with AAU,  we work out more. We do a lot more challenging things and we play all-star teams.”

gPrep: Who is the toughest defender you’ve faced?

SB: “I think everybody plays pretty good defense. But, I never ran into anybody that could just completely stop me from scoring or anything like that. Right now, I don’t really have one.  I am just waiting for the challenge.”

gPrep: What’s your workout routine?

SB: “I don’t necessarily have a routine. What I do is… anytime I play in a game, me and my dad we go over the game. After the game, we talk about what I should work on and start doing more. And when I work out , I basically work on what I need to work on in a game. That’s basically how I do it.”

gPrep: Do you have any superstitions before the games?

SB: “Before the games I envision myself crossing somebody or something like that.
That’s kinda the way I build my confidence.”

gPrep: Who’s your biggest court influence?

SB:  “I’ll have to say Steve Nash. I love watching him. He’s a really good point guard to me. I love his passes, just the way he plays his game all around. That’s the type of player who really influences me.”

gPrep: Who introduced you to the game of basketball?

SB: “My dad started me off  playing basketball at a park board called King Park. And, I started off  playing with the boys. I played on a boys team until  I was 12.  I think that’s where I got  most of my game. My dad coached me for my first couple of years then after that another parent-coach. I found out about AAU,  then I started playing with the Monarchs. That’s when I really started getting into basketball,  and I start loving it the most. My offensive style comes from me playing with the boys and what my dad’s been teaching me for years and years.”

gPrep: Do you still get butterflies before big games?

SB: “Yes. I am a  person. I love to win. I don’t really like to lose so I really get butterflies before any games. And that’s why I do my visions and think about me crossing somebody or something and build my confidence up and get me ready to play. I am always nervous. In those big games when we’re down by 1 and I’ve got to make that shot, I’m always nervous. But I still keep my composure and do what I’ve got to do. I can’t let that get in the way (butterflies). I love basketball. Basketball is my life.”

gPrep: How do you unwind after a game?

SB: “I drink some Gatorade and talk about the game, the good stuff and the bad things.”

gPrep: What is your favorite type of music?

SB: “I would have to say R&B just because I am a singer. My favorite artist is Whitney Houston.”

gPrep: What’s you favorite food?

SB: “My favorite food is spaghetti.”

gPrep: You mentioned even your dog was happy for you.. What’s your dog’s name?

SB: “Scrappy.”

gPrep: Finally, talk a little bit about your basketball and personal goals.

SB:  “As a team, I want to accomplish winning our conference and our section. I really want to go to state because we really have a good team this year. So, I think we can accomplish that. And as far as myself, I would like to make All-Metro and All-State and make it to the McDonalds All-American team.”

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