Q & A With Hopkins' Caitlyn Rowland

"I love basketball. I just think it’s so much fun."






gPrep: Chris Carr mentioned you in his speech to the campers saying you would not leave the gym at an early age.

C.R.: “I had a rare fortunate experience. I was able to watch Chris Carr and Kris Humphries up at North West a lot of times and I saw all the hard work they had to put in to being good and I also saw players like Susan King up there working hard. I’ve been taught from a young age that if you want to get good at something, you have to put in the time in practice. So that’s definitely something I tried to do and put in as much time in the game as I can.”

gPrep: You are here all week helping with the young kids. Why?

CR: “For me I know I learned a lot from older players like Leslie Knight and other players that were so gracious to give me their time and teach me things. I think it’s a real fun experience to try and help younger girls. You know, show them a couple of things here or there. Just help keep them motivated. I think it’s a real important thing to do.”

gPrep: Your sophomore season, you help lead Hopkins to a state title. And your junior year last year, you started the season with a bang.  Then, you had the stress fracture that slowed you down. Are you looking to have a bounce back season this year?

C.R.: “I hope so. The past few years have been hard with the stress fractures. You know it’s my senior year…and of course I want to go out on a big note. I think we have a great team coming back. We’ve got a strong nucleolus, and we all are going to work really hard and try and get out
of our section.”

gPrep: Last year against Central, the first game, you pretty much put on a clinic…double crossovers, quickness, clutch scoring, floor leadership.  Are you back to that level now?

CR: “I think I’m back to that level. I’ve been working really hard. My coaches have been helping me out. Coach Cos and my Dad have been helping me out a lot. I’ve been working really hard to get back to that level.”

gPrep: Talk a little about your dad.

CR: “I’m so luck to have him. He’s always willing to drop what he’s doing and come and help me out. He helps me out in the gym all the time. He puts in countless hours so I’m really thankful to have someone like my dad in my life.”

gPrep: What’s the deal with the breakfast club?

CR: “The Breakfast Club is something that we do at Hopkins 5 days a week. It starts at 7 in the morning and we play 5 on 5 three days a week for 1 ½ hours. We do stations for 1 hour on Tuesdays where the coaches put us through different drills. And, I think that’s just something that’s really important with our program to get all the girls working really hard.”

gPrep: Is basketball a way of life for you?

CR: “Yea, I can’t imagine my life without basketball. I mean, It’s so much fun to play. I know it takes hard work and dedication but I think the friendships and the experiences I’ve had through basketball have made everything I put into it worth while.”

gPrep: Talk about your goals for this coming season.

CR: “I’d love to play college division 1 basketball – hopefully at a great academic place as well. As far as the high school season goes, I’d love to you know just do as much as we can do. I’d look to get out of this section. We’ve got some really tough opponents. And, our conference is going to be hard again this year. But of course, I’d love to make it back to state and hopefully go as far as we can there.”

gPrep: I keep harping on that Central game. You took them into overtime and had a comfortable lead in regulation with 3 minutes left in the game.  If you’d won that game and you didn’t have the stress fracture, you could be looking at a completely different season and possibly making the all metro team.

CR: “You can’t really look back and wonder what could have been, but I know we were very close in that game. If I wouldn’t have fouled out, if a couple of things go this way, a couple of baskets drop. We take care of the ball. You know it could have been a totally different season. I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that. Right now you can’t really do anything about that, you just got to use it as motivation and try to work as hard as you can to be the best you can be this year.”

gPrep: How is your workout coming this summer?

CR: “I do the stuff with Hopkins in the morning and then I usually go with my dad to Life Time. We work on sprints and agility and lifting and then a lot of times I come back to Hopkins again and do the camp and then Coach Cos works me out. We like to get the shooting machine up and fire off a bunch of shots. It varies from day to day but it’s a lot of time in the gym.”

gPrep: How do you feel about b-ball as a game?

CR: ”I love basketball. I just think it’s so much fun. You get a chance to meet a lot of people and you know it’s great to have a team sport. I just love basketball. I think it’s the best.”

gPrep: You have a reputation as a team player, team leader, playmaker and clutch scorer.
Are you looking to continue that in your senior year?

CR:  “Well I’ll talk with Cos. You know I have a pretty big role this season not only being the best that I can be but to help make my teammates better. I think that’s how we are going to be the most successful this year if we all work together and have good chemistry. “

gPrep: What is it like playing with all those elite girls on your AAU team?

CR: (BIG SMILE) “It’s such a great experience playing AAU ball, because all those girls you play against for so many years, you get a chance to finally get to know them a little bit better. Playing with an all-star team like that is so much fun and it’s such an honor. I love playing with the girls on my team.”



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