August 14, 2008

Jordan Jaguar Slows Down for a gPrep Q&A

On the heels of verbaling to the Kansas State Wildcats, the big 12 regular season champions, Brittany Chambers takes time out of her busy summer to chat with gPrep. The 5’9“ state record holder for the most points (47) scored in a tournament, talks about everything from her will to win… to her favorite cereal… to court butterflies… to her toughest defender… to her difficult decision to choose basketball over volleyball.


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gPrep: Who is Brittany Chambers?
Chambers: “A hard worker who doesn't except losing or not giving her best effort all the time.”

gPrep:What is your favorite type of music?
Chambers:“Rap and Country, I like to switch it up”

gPrep: What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
Chambers:“Fruity Pebbles by far”

gPrep:What are your basketball goals… personal goals?
Chambers:“Well my goal for the longest time was to get a division I scholarship and now that I have accomplished that goal I really just want to excel in college and go on to play in the WNBA.”

gPrep: Why is Kansas State a great fit for Brittany Chambers?
Chambers: "K State is a great fit for me because I am a very competitive player who really likes to play with emotion and the coaches and the team play in that way.  When I watched K State players play, and the coaches coach I knew it would be a great fit for me.  The coaches have a lot of energy, and you can see the passion they have for the game when they coach."

gPrep:Who is your toughest defender?
Chambers:“Tayler Hill.”

gPrep: Do you have any game superstitions?
Chambers:“I have so many I couldn't even name them all!! But one thing that I do before every game is I keep my earrings in during warm-ups and then I give them to the coach. It's really stupid but I have to do it!!

gPrep:What’s your favorite sport?
Chambers:“That’s been the toughest question for me throughout my life. I really don't know if I could answer that question but it’s between volleyball and basketball!!”

gPrep: What’s your biggest basketball moment?
Chambers:: “Beating Crookston in the Semi-finals to go to the finals in state!! It made it better that nobody thought we would win!!”

gPrep: Who introduced you to basketball?
Chambers: “My parents.”

gPrep: What or/who is your single biggest court influence?
Chambers:“Well someone that I have looked up to since I was 10 was a player by the name of Sonja Henning. She played at Stanford and then went into the WNBA. She is a family friend and has kept in touch with me over the years.”

gPrep:What is your practice/workout routine?
Chambers:“Well I usually take about 2 months off every year during volleyball season. I think that’s the best thing for me because it gives me a chance to take a break and keep me wanting to play all the time I get to. During the 10 months, I usually am in the gym 6 days a week if not more. I do a lot of shooting work-outs and ball-handling. I also work out with my AAU coach doing individual lessons.”

gPrep: Do you get butterflies before a big game?
Chambers: ”YES!! It never goes away. But as soon as I get on the court they go away, so that’s good!!”

gPrep:Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Chambers:: “Goofy!!”

gPrep:Describe your game.
Chambers:“I love to run the court. I take 3's when I'm open but I love to take people off the bounce. I love driving and having the help side jump over so there is an easy pass to the post or opposite guard.”

gPrep: Which girls high school basketball player would you pay to see?
Chambers:“I don't know that’s a tough one. Probably someone who I have played with in AAU just because I know them and don't get to see them play as much as I would like to.”

gPrep:You Scored 47 points against Crookston, a state record. What do you remember about that game?
Chambers:“I remember the game in general but certain plays are just a
blur. It feels like it didn't happen!! It was just an amazing night.”

Chambers 47th Point

gPrep: AAU or High School - which do you prefer?
Chambers: “I really enjoy playing AAU because the level is much higher!! The State Tournament for High School is irreplaceable though!!”

gPrep:And finally, why is it so difficult to choose between basketball and volleyball?
Chambers: ”I love both sports. By quitting one, I'm giving up more then anyone could imagine. I'm going to have a really hard time next year not playing volleyball. But I would have had the same feeling about basketball if I would have chosen volleyball. I'm really happy with my decision but it will be hard to stop playing volleyball after playing since I was 4 years old. I'm really looking forward to next year though and also focusing on one sport for the first time in my life.”



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