The Anatomy of a State Champion

Coach Scott Sorenson

Top Warrior Looking to Establish New Identity & Title



The Minnesota State Class AA Champion, Caledonia Warriors, will draw up a new battle plan... to
get to the Target Center in March 2010. Led by Head Coach Scott Sorenson, the 2008-09 undefeated
warriors, know they have an "x" on their armor. Still, the new warriors will be ready to
compete and slay the competition. gPrep interviewed head warrior for a revealing look at what lies ahead.

gPrep Q&A With Head Warrior Scott Sorenson


gPrep: What’s the hardest part about being a defending state champion and the

Coach Sorenson: "Having a huge "x" on our back! It is also difficult to teach the players
that we are a new team, which can be proud of our accomplishment, but we don't
need to compare ourselves to past years."

gPrep: What will it take to repeat in March?

Coach Sorenson: "A lot of coming together as a team and creating and establishing our own

gPrep: Talk about the components of a championship team.

Coach Sorenson: "That is just it, we were a complete team! A team leans on each other in
tough times and celebrates together in good. A team sticks together from day
one till the trophy is hoisted."


gPrep: Who was your toughest team to play?

Coach Sorenson: Jordan and Howard Lake-Waverly! They both had tremendous teams who could
have easily won the title had we not been fortunate."

gPrep: What’s the single most important skill/talent a team needs to get to the Target
Center in March?

Coach Sorenson: "...Must have a complete team, a group that understands their role on the
team. Players usually understand! When everyone involved from the coaching staff,
players and parents understand the the good of the team is the most important
aspect, and its success is the ultimate goal, good things happen."

gPrep: Describe the “perfect” team.

Coach Sorenson: : "I would have to say without a doubt the 2008-09 Caledonia girls basketball
"TEAM". We won every game as a team, and everyone in the locker room at the end
knew they had a part in making it happen."

gPrep: Describe the “total” player.

Coach Sorenson: "... A player who commits to the good of the team and their teammates.
I have seen a lot of players who have all the talent in the world, and they struggle
cause they don't understand how to use their talents for the good of the team.

gPrep: How many have you coached?

Coach Sorenson: "Several, but all 13 of the 2008-09 Caledonia team comes to mind.
They were all "total" players."

gPrep: Is there pressure on you to win again?

Coach Sorenson: "I am sure in some people's eyes, but not mine or the players on this
year's team. It is a new team with a new identity and goals."

gPrep: What’s the best basketball advice you’ve ever received?

Coach Sorenson: "Don't compare teams from different years. Let them decide what they want
out of "their" year. It is just not fair to the players. Players win games;
coaches lose them! Let players be players and make plays. Don't complicate things.
It is that simple!"

gPrep: Who’s your mentor?

Coach Sorenson: "... Mr. Art Westphal, my Bethany Lutheran College Men's Basketball Coach &




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