The Anatomy of a State Champion

Class 4A State Champion - Head Coach Brian Cosgriff

"Fundamentals and work ethic are absolutely critical," says Hopkins Head Coach Brian Cosgriff.



               2011 Minnesota State Champions Hopeful for Repeat
                Head Coaches Hunger for Another Title

For Hopkins High School Basketball Head Coach Brian Cosgriff, the pressure to repeat as the Minnesota State Class 4A Champion comes from within. “I feel we should be there every year…” says Cosgriff. However, Coach Cos knows his Royals will need to stay healthy and continue to work on all aspects of being fundamental…if they want to defend their 2011 title in March. “…Fundamentals and work ethic are absolutely critical. By having Breakfast Club, we try to hit home fundamentals….Cos stressed. Over the next several weeks, gPrep will go one-on-one with the four 2011 Minnesota State Champions.
Get an insightful look at the masterminds behind the state championships and their thoughts on everything from the “perfect” team to the “total player” to the pressure to win again and again.

gprep q and q brian cosgriff, hopkins girls basketball coach
Coach Brian Cosgriff

gPrep: What’s the hardest part about being a defending state champion?

Coach Cosgriff: "It's really not that hard. It really beats the alternative."

gPrep: What will it take to repeat in March?

Coach Cosgriff: "We will need to stay healthy,continue to work at all aspects of being fundamental. Make sure nobody has their own agenda. Team goals have to take place before individual goals. Never develop the disease of me."

gPrep: Talk about the components of a championship team.

Coach Cosgriff: "Tremendous work ethic, unselfishness, attention to detail, athleticism, fundamental, and luck. Generally,if you have those key components good things happen."


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2011 Class 4A Champion, Hopkins Royals


gPrep: Talk about the about the Breakfast Club and your commitment to helping Minnesota basketball players improve their game.

Coach Cosgriff: "Fundamentals and work ethic are absolutely critical. By having breakfast club, we try to hit home fundamentals and establish the fact that in order to be great, you will have to sacrifice something and be dedicated to getting better. It will also allow players to do other things throughout the course of the day."

gPrep: What’s the single most important skill a team needs to get to the Target Center and win in March?

Coach Cosgriff: "I really think the most important skill a team needs is to be able to shoot the ball."

gPrep: Describe the “perfect” team.

Coach Cosgriff: "There really is no such thing as a perfect team. There will always be aspects of basketball that teams need to work on."

gPrep: Describe the “total” player.

Coach Cosgriff: "The most complete player I have coached was Leslie Knight. She had tremendous leadership qualities and work ethic. She was unselfish, and truly cared about the good of the entire team. She could play any position from the point to the post."

gPrep: How many have you coached?

Coach Cosgriff: "Leslie was the closest, but I think we have the potential to come close to her in the future."

gPrep: Is there pressure on you to win again?

Coach Cosgriff: "Only by me. I feel we should be there every year."

gPrep: What’s the best basketball advice you’ve ever received?

Coach Cosgriff: "Don't be result oriented. Don't get hung up on winning and losing. Stress working as hard as you can at being the best you can. Your goal should be to try and make those around you better."

gPrep: Who’s your mentor?

Coach Cosgriff: "I have many, first would be Kenny Novak, and Kenny Novak Senior. They showed me how much basketball I didn't know. Joe Senser, Coach Herbie, Chuck Burmeister, for being great guys and true confidants. I can call them any time of day, and I know they would be there for me. Mark Lundgren, my high school football coach, taught me how to be passionate about kids and the sport you are coaching. Finally. Steve Reiter, for being a great coach, while remaining a humble man. He is truly a great role model."


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