gPrep Q & A with Amber Dvorak

"Country music is my favorite. It’s easy to listen to and sing along with."




Gary Knox

gPrep caught up with 6’7” Post Player Amber Dvorak at the Breakdown Fall League at Becker.  Dvorak, from
Hinckley-Finlayson, is verbally committed to the University of Minnesota.


gPrep: You will be playing college basketball in your own backyard at the U of M. How nice is that?

AD: It’s really nice. A lot of pressure is taken off.  It’s nice getting a whole bunch of letters from all the different colleges, but also it’s nice to get all the pressure of choosing a college out of the way. It’s gonna be real exciting. I have a lot of work to do though. I’ve always wanted to be a Gopher.

gPrep: How long have you wanted to be a Gopher?

AD: For a while, since I saw my dad watching them on TV. I’m like yes. I really like this program. I wanted to be in it.

gPrep: When Gopher Head Coach Pam Borton gave you that call, how did it make you feel?

AD:  I felt excited but nervous a little. At the Elite camp is when I got to meet Coach Pam Borton and that’s when she got to see me in action.

gPrep: Talk a little bit about being 6’7” tall.

AD: Well you get used to it. It sometimes get annoying because a lot of  littler people keep repeating themselves in school..“Oh you’re tall, you’re tall” and they know me very well. But otherwise, it’s fun. It’s nice you can see over everybody. It’s hard to find size 16 shoes. It’s very hard. I can’t find any dress shoes unless they’re a men’s looking sandal or something.

gPrep: You are always smiling. Why is that?

AD: I am trying to look happy all the time because I am. It’s just a smile I always have.

gPrep: Do you get the “Shaq” treatment from refs?

AD: I have my hands straight up on defense and they call fouls on me. They think I am fouling but I am not. And, I don’t get the same call as the littler people do.

gPrep: In high school you get triple teamed. How difficult is that?

AD: You kinda get used to it but it is really difficult. Because, one girl is hanging on your arm; one is smacking you, and the other one is pulling on your jersey and cutting my legs. But you just gotta deal with it. If I keep working hard I’ll make Coach Borton proud.

gPrep: Next year you will play AAU basketball for the Minnesota Stars. Are you looking forward to playing with the team?

AD: There are a lot of talented girls. I am looking forward to playing with them. It’s higher competition, a little less than college. I can work on my post moves.

gPrep: You’ve always been talented but a lot of people didn’t know about you. How does it feel to be finally on the map?

AD: It’s kinda nice because, of course, I am tall (6’7”) but  it’s kinda nice. You feel appreciated a little more. It’s kinda nice now that I have something to look forward to in the future.

gPrep: Your dad works with you all the time on your game. What does your dad mean to you?

AD: My dad means a lot. He takes me out like everywhere. Of course he pays for my meals and stuff like that, so it’s really nice to have a supporter. He makes sure I do the right stuff on the court.

gPrep: What’s your favorite food?

AD: Pickles, definitely pickles. My mom cans a lot of pickles. Last year she canned 300 pickles.

gPrep: What’s your favorite type of music?

AD: Country… country music is my favorite. It’s easy to listen to and sing along with.

gPrep: Who is your role model?

AD: My dad is my biggest role model.

gPrep: How does it feel to make your dad proud?

AD: It feels great! It makes me feel great.


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