Free Throw Attempts Win Games







By Gary Knox


Ask him what's the most important stat in basketball, and he’ll tell you… free throw attempts.“If you get 20-to-25 free throw attempts, you’re gonna win that game‘, said Doug Frye. Doug likes to sit on the bench next to his son Metro Stars Head Coach Brian Frye. Coach Frye is also head coach at DeLaSalle
High School. While the younger Frye is busy coaching and watching the court, the elder Frye keeps a close eye on the free-throw stats.

Doug believes free-throw attempts can be the difference between a 15-and-10 season and a 20-and-5 season. That’s a 5 game difference. Doug says
teams need to shoot 70 percent from the line. He says if you look back at the Metro Stars’ losses, the team only got to the free-throw line 8 times.

The bottom line is this. Free throw attempts mean your team is dictating play and more importantly you are getting your opponent in foul trouble. If you’re getting to the line, your team is being physical, aggressive and playing with confidence. That combination wins games.



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