The Frye Squad

"The chemistry is just so great."





When Metro Stars Head Coach Brian Frye instructed his players to spend the evening together as a team away from basketball, he had no idea they would take that time to find a way to bring basketball back into the equation.The team bought t-shirts. They wrote “The Frye Squad” on the tees. Point guard Courtney Boylan said, “It was just a team thing that we decided to do.”

Since then, the team has bonded. The Metro Stars are on an 11 game winning streak. Two championships later, the team is the most improved
AAU girl’s basketball team in the Minnesota. Boylan said, “It didn’t have anything to do with the t-shirt. We were growing as a team. We just developed so much. I love playing with these girls. It’s not the t-shirt; it’s our special chemistry. ” Metro Stars can be seen cheering for each other from the bench. Boylan added, “That’s not fake. It’s us being real with each other. It’s the nicest group of girls you can ever ask for… playing on a team. The chemistry is just so great.”



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