gPrep Q & A with Katie Loberg

"Ever since I was really little, my grandpa and I have always just been big fans of the Gophers."





Two years ago Katie Loberg made a maroon and gold promise to her Grandpa Robert Lien. The future Gopher will realize her dream in 2009, bringing smiles from above.


gPrep: What went through your mind after you gave a verbal commitment to the University of Minnesota?

KL: “I was really happy to make that decision. Because ever since I was really little, my grandpa and I have always just been big fans of the Gophers. And just before he died, I promised him I would be a Gopher. That was 2 years ago. So I didn’t really know it was going to happen. But, I guess everything just kind of worked out. And when a decision came to be made, it was pretty easy.”

gPrep: I bet your grandpa would be proud.

KL: “I’m sure.” (laughs).

gPrep: Was your grandpa a big basketball influence?

KL: “Yea, definitely.”

gPrep: What role did your grandpa play in the baller you are today?

KL: “He played basketball when he was in high school. He and I would watch those Gopher games, kind of our thing to do.
And, we’d go out in the driveway. We would kind of play but he was in a wheel chair because he’s a quadriplegic. So I’d kind of just give him the ball and he’d toss it to me. We had fun doing that.”

gPrep: Which high school did your grandpa play for?

KL: “Cottonwood. He (Robert Lien) played at Cottonwood High School.

gPrep: What are your basketball and personal goals?

KL: “I want to get more assists this year. That’s one thing I really want to do and my team is a big part of who I am and everything. I really have fun playing with my team. So, I hope we can do pretty well this year too.”

gPrep: Who’s your toughest opponent?

KL: “Becker is pretty tough because they’re just stacked with post and everything. Yea, it’s definitely tough to play against them.”

gPrep: Is there a high school player who plays you real tough and gives you problems?

KL: “Not really. I can’t think of any individual in general. It’s always fun to play against Brianna Mastey though.”

gPrep: Where you surprised that the U of M recruited you?

KL: “I didn’t really know if they were that serious over the winter and everything. It just kind of just happened over the summer. I had a relationship with them. I’ve always been going to their camp and everything. My coaches had contact with them too. Basically this summer is when it all started happening.”

gPrep: “What’s your favorite type of music?

KL: “R & B or rap or country. Just a variety of stuff.”

gPrep: Who is your favorite artist?

KL: “I like anything in general like The All-American Rejects or T.I. ”

gPrep: What is your favorite food?

KL: “I like soup and steak, maybe wild rice soup or potato soup.”

gPrep: Are you superstitious?

KL: “I’m really superstitious. Our whole team is. It’s really funny. If we say something, we’re like “oh gosh” we just jinxed ourselves. We better knock
on wood. So, we’re always out there knocking on wood.”

 gPrep: Who introduced you to basketball?  How did you get started?

KL: “It was in Community Education, and I’ve always kind of liked it ever since. I was little and so my mom just kind of signed me up for it. I guess after that I was kind of hooked.”

gPrep: Were you always tall?

KL: “I’ve always been taller but there were some girls in my grade that were taller than me. I’d say like 5th or 6th grade when I really started growing. Everybody just kind of stopped.”

gPrep: Who is your biggest court influence?

KL: “When I was younger, Janel McCarvell was playing for the Gophers.” I always just thought she was amazing. I loved her screens.  I just always wanted to
knock somebody over like that, but I haven’t been successful like that yet”.

gPrep: What’s your free throw shooting routine?

KL: “ I just take a lot of time at the line and I focus and I kind of like envision the ball going through the hoop. I think that really helped me out a lot.”

gPrep: How do you unwind?

KL: “After the game, me and my teammates talk about it and we turn up the music after games. We scream and get crazy if we really had a big win.”

gPrep: Do you get butterflies?

KL: “Yea. I really do. It’s kind of natural.”

gPrep: Do you wear your game face on the court?

KL: “Sometimes. People think I’m mad out there because I don’t really show any emotion out there on the court unless something really exciting happens.
Then, I’ll smile. But usually I’m just straight faced. That’s when I’m serious. I’m really into the game.”

gPrep: Your family must be proud of you.

KL: “Everybody was really excited. I have a lot of family in the Twin Cities. Everybody was like… we’re buying our season tickets early.”

gPrep: Describe your game.

KL: “I like to play with a lot of intensity and I like to stay focused. I really like to involve my teammates. Because, they are like my best friends out on the court and everything. We all kind of stand up for each other.”

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