gPrep Q & A with Hannah Strop

  “I love, love, love to play basketball.”





She played for last season’s number #1 3A high school basketball team. New Prague’s Hannah Strop tells gPrep what the game means to her, why she’s in love with the sport and how it feels to play for the state’s #1 ranked AAU 16U team, North Tartan, this summer. Strop has verbaled with the Division 1 South Dakota State University Jackrabbits.

gPrep: Who is Hannah Strop?  
HS: I am a junior at New Prague High School and I love, love, love to play basketball. I also like to play volleyball but basketball has always been my passion. I love to sing, but I am always too nervous to let anyone hear me! I love being with my family and around home. It is definitely going to be hard to leave for college and live on my own.

gPrep: What is your favorite type of music or artist?

HS: I really don't have a favorite type of music or artist. I listen to just about anything! It just depends on what mood I'm in.

gPrep: What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

HS: Muffin Tops... tastes exactly like blueberry muffins.

gPrep: What are your basketball goals, personal goals?

HS: My biggest basketball goal was to get a Division 1 scholarship. And after achieving that, my goals are to just get stronger and get better fundamentally. My personal goals are just to be the best that I can be when participating in any event. It's the greatest feeling walking away from something knowing you left it all out there.

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Strop Being Introduced
Pre-Game Ritual
At the Line
Strop Looking to Pass
strop strop strop strop
Strop For Two
Strop Taking Over
Posting Up
Hannah Strop #53

gPrep: Do you have any game superstitions?

HS: I always eat a Snickers bar in the locker room, and I have to do the same exact routine before each home game.

gPrep: Talk about losing to Minneapolis North at State. What did you learn from that game?

HS: There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about that game. Things constantly run in and out of my head about what I could have done better and what we could have done better as a team that day. It still makes my gut hurt when I think about that missed free throw. When I got home that night, I shot 100 free throws in my driveway even though I was dead tired. That game definitely taught me how important is to focus when I shoot my free throws and to not take anything for granted. It also taught me that the game is not over until the buzzer sounds.

Strop after missed free throw

gPrep: What’s your biggest basketball moment?

HS: I would have to say my biggest basketball moment would be stepping up to the line to shoot those free throws against North in the semi-finals at State. There has never been a time when I have felt so much pressure and was so nervous.

gPrep: Who introduced you to basketball?

HS: My dad. He stuck a basketball in my hands when I was 8, and I immediately fell in love.

gPrep: You are playing for the #1 ranked AAU team in Minnesota, North Tartan. What’s that like?

Hannah Strop playing for North Tartan

HS: I love my team. It is really fun playing with girls who are so talented. It makes me work harder, and it has helped me improve my skills and my game. I like the pressure of knowing you are one of the top teams in the state.

gPrep: What is your practice/workout routine?

HS: I lift weights three times a week and do a series of shooting workouts 3 to 4 times a week as well. Conditioning is also a big part of my workout. I try to run at least a mile a day to keep up my endurance up and I run sprints and do other "quick feet" drills.

gPrep: Do you get butterflies before a big game?  

HS: Yes! I get butterflies before every game no matter what. My high school coach always tells me that it's good to be nervous because it gets your adrenaline pumping. Once the ball is tipped off, all of my nervousness goes away.

gPrep: Describe your game.

HS: I feel that I'm a versatile player that can play inside and out. I prefer playing on the perimeter, but I don't mind posting up. I love to shoot the three but beating people off the dribble is always fun. I play really physical and love to go get rebounds. If any part of my game isn't going well, I know I can always rebound.

gPrep: You just made a huge verbal to SDSU. What went into your decision?

HS: I really like the coaching staff and their style of play. The fact that they have an outstanding program played a big part in my decision as well. One of my North Tartan teammates from last summer is also going to SDSU so knowing I will have a good friend there makes me feel more comfortable.  It was also very important for me to find a school pretty close to home.

gPrep: AAU or high school basketball, which do you prefer?

HS: I enjoy both. I really like high school basketball because you get to play with the girls you grew up playing with. Its also exciting once you get to sections because you have the pressure of knowing if you lose, you're done. I enjoy AAU because the competition is a lot tougher. You get to travel more and experience different styles of play. I also love playing with girls from different areas of the state because you end up making great friendships and you learn so much more from watching and playing with them.

gPrep: How important is it to have family support?

HS: So important! I am so blessed to have such a caring family and it's awesome knowing that they are behind me in every decision I make. I would be so lost without all of the help and insight they have given me.


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