gPrep Q & A with Kamille Wahlin

I love cereal, Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops.




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gPrep: When you went to the University of Iowa for your visit, did you know it was the perfect fit?

KW: Yea, I did. When you step on campus, it’s just a feeling you get in
your stomach. Some kind of feeling that you just have and you know it’s right.

gPrep: What went into your final decision?

KW: When I went to Iowa something kind of felt right and it just felt good for me. When I was down there, I guess I liked Iowa a lot. I liked the coaches, the team and the campus. I guess it feels good to have my decision made and to know where I am going next year.

gPrep: You have a very important senior year coming up. You made it to state your sophomore year and finished second. By making your college decision now, do you feel like you can focus on some unfinished business this season? 

KW: Yes,  I wanted to make my decision before the year started. I wanted to know what I am doing next year and then this year I’d be able to just focus on this season and try and make it back to state and make it the best year yet. We have 13 seniors on our team so it’s important to us.

gPrep: Your teammates played an important role in your developing one of  the state’s best players. How important are your teammates to you?

KW:  I am very lucky to have the teammates that I have. I have great shooters that I can pass to.  I just have a great group of girls that I can just get out and play basketball with. It’s a lot of fun when we play. And it’s fun to have teammates who can run the floor and shoot the ball. I give my teammates so much credit for me being able to have success we’ve had as sophomores and even last year. We didn’t make it to state but we had a very good year. I can’t thank my teammates enough for everything we’ve done throughout our high school career.

gPrep: Your are a legend in Crookston. You’ve been playing varsity since the eighth grade. Do you feel like a veteran?

KW: Yea, I’ve had a lot of experience playing basketball so nothing should surprise me, I guess. Seven of us have been playing since our sophomore year. So we are all, I think, veterans. We’ve had a lot of experience because we didn’t make it to section last year. So, I think now we know what we need to do this year and what it takes.

gPrep: Was choosing  Iowa a hard decision and has a burden been lifted?

KW: Yes, it was a hard decision, just because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay close to home or go far. You know, now that I’ve finally made the decision, I feel 10 pounds lighter. I feel like something’s lifted off my shoulders.

gPrep: Are you proud of  yourself with all the hard work you’ve put in? The Big-10, they just don’t go after anybody. They go after the best. You must be proud?

KW:  Well, yea. I guess I’ve always had goals of playing Division I basketball.  And that’s what I’ve worked hard for and that’s what I’ve always kept in mind when I  go to the gym. And now that I finally accomplished a goal that I’ve written down on paper, you’re happy and just happy for yourself  that you’ve made it.

gPrep: That’s a great point, writing your goal down on paper. How important is it to write your goal down on paper?

KW: I have it up in my room. Everyday you look at it and you read it. And when things start getting hard or tough, you always have a goal in the back of your mind that you want to make. To me, it helps to remind me just to keep working hard and to keep working towards it when things aren’t going just right.

gPrep: Could you read your goal aloud?


gPrep: You’ve scored over 1,660 points, Crookston all-time leader in
points, assists and steals, yet you are still considered an unselfish player. Is that part of your makeup?

KW: For me, I’ve always looked at basketball as a team game. And when there are 5 people out there with you,  you know I can accomplish individual goals. But when you have 5 other players, you realize that these are the girls you are going to work with. I don’t necessarily look at me scoring so many points. The reason I score is because of my teammates that I work with and the teammates that get me the ball you know, things like that. That’s kind of the way I look at the game. The makeup of the game is a team game.

gPrep: How did you enjoy playing with North Tartan this summer?

KW: This summer was a very good experience for me playing AAU, just because of getting to know a new group of girls. Getting to play with the best in the state was really a good experience. We got along really good. And for knowing each other for only a few months, I felt like I’ve known them forever because we got along on and off the court.

Kamille Wahlin #11

gPrep: Was this your first time playing AAU ball?

KW: This was the first year for me. I am so glad that I did it. It will help me this season, going up against that kind of competition.

gPrep: Who was the most difficult player to guard during AAU?

KW: I think Tayler Hill (  laughs). I played against them this summer (NC Heat).  And Tayler is tall and long. She’s got a very quick first step so you definitely have to be careful of that. … Theairra Taylor too and Brittany McSparron.

gPrep: A lot of elite players go the AAU route, but you took a different route.

KW: Before I played AAU, I spent a lot of  hours in the gym, just working on my jump shot, my ball handling and things like that. I didn’t know much about AAU and Bill Larson contacted me. I just decided to do it last year and it worked out really well.

gPrep: How important is it to get in the gym and work on your game?

KW:  I went to this point guard college. I learned a lot of things like how to do a shooting workout. And so, I would do a shooting workout that I got. I just think that you can play a lot of games and you need to have that experience and exposure to tough competition that AAU gives you. But I think you also need to get in your backyard and in the gym and make sure you have the right skills and the right shooting form.  I think that’s just as important.

gPrep: Who is your role model?

KW: I have one brother and two sisters. I always played with my brother in the backyard 1-on-1. And, I always played with my siblings whether it’s basketball or tennis, anything. I even played football with my brother. I look up to them and my parents because they’re family. We just played a lot together, played a lot of sports, a lot of catch. They are the first ones there to support me or congratulate me. I look up to my family.

gPrep: You must have picked up some tricks from your brother Kenley.

KW: Playing against my brother Kenley and my sisters helped me a lot.

gPrep: Your 3 siblings must all be proud of you.

KW:  Yep. They are real excited. They all go to UND. I am going to Iowa and they will come down to watch me.

gPrep: What’s your favorite food?

KW: I love cereal, Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops.

gPrep: What’s your favorite type of music?

KW: I listen to either Christian or alternative rock.


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